Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the dataset

Age at surgery (years)70.66±9.5371.2413.2389.45
Preoperative K (D)43.85±1.6143.8433.4250.39
Preoperative AL (mm)24.21±1.3824.0120.4431.22
Preoperative LT (mm)4.52±0.454.512.505.99
Preoperative ACD (mm)3.26±0.413.272.085.15
OKULIX-predicted postoperative ACD (mm)5.13±
ML-predicted postoperative ACD (mm)4.68±0.264.693.855.59
Postoperative refraction (D)−0.56±0.96−0.41−12.163.34
  • The highly myopic postoperative refraction value (‘−12.16’ in the last row in the table) was from a patient with high myopia and unilateral cataract who chose a highly myopic target refraction to avoid anisometropia.

  • ACD, anterior chamber depth; AL, axial length; D, dioptre; LT, lens thickness; ML, machine learning.