Table 5

The use of intravitreal/periocular therapies in patients with uveitis during the COVID-19 pandemic

Number of eyes receiving local therapies22
Number of eyes receiving local therapies due to disease reactivation related to reduced systemic therapy7
AgentNumber of eyes receiving treatment*IndicationsNumber of eyes receiving treatmentNumber of eyes with relapse due to changed systemic therapy†
Dex implant10Active choroiditis11
VKH disease22
Macular oedema40
Retinal vasculitis22
Intermediate uveitis11
Triamcinolone (periocular)6Macular oedema and active vasculitis60
Triamcinolone (intravitreal)2Active vasculitis21
Ranibizumab4Macular oedema4
  • *Each eye received a single injection of the pharmacological agent.

  • †Indicates the number of eyes that received intravitreal/periocular therapies due to disease reactivation which was related to reduction in doses of systemic corticosteroids or immunomodulatory therapy.

  • Dex, Dexamethasone; VKH, Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada’s disease.