Table 1

Demographics and ocular characteristics of the study population

Surgery groupNon-surgery groupP value
Patients (n)54
 Age (years)66.7±11.3
  Gender (male/female)25/29
Eyes (n)5454
 BCVA (LogMAR)0.09 (−0.08, 0.24)0.00 (−0.08, 0.09)0.047
 CCT (μm)506±35512±320.061
 Axial length (mm)24.9±1.724.9±1.70.932
 Preoperative IOP (mmHg)22.1±9.516.9±4.4<0.001
 Postoperative IOP (mmHg)10.3±3.516.5±3.5<0.001
 HFA 24-2 MD (dB)−17.4 (−24.5, −11.0)−8.5 (−16.1, −1.7)<0.001
 Central-4-point mean sensitivity (dB)24.2 (18.2, 27.0)30.8 (27.2, 33.7)<0.001
 Foveal sensitivity (dB)32.0 (29.0, 35.0)35.0 (30.0, 36.25)0.072
 Preoperative image score9.1±0.79.1±0.70.727
 Postoperative image score9.0±0.79.2±0.60.077
 Preoperative vessel density (%)41.4±5.042.3±5.80.157
Combined cataract surgery, n (%)31 (57.4)n.a.
Type of glaucoma surgery, n (%)n.a.
 Ab interno trabeculotomy12 (22.2)
 Filtering surgery40 (74.1)
 Tube shunt (Ahmed glaucoma valve)2 (3.7)
 Preoperative β-blocker, n (%)44 (81.5)35 (64.8)<0.001
 Preoperative PG analogue, n (%)51 (94.4)39 (72.2)<0.001
 Postoperative β-blocker, n (%)8 (14.8)28 (51.8)<0.001
 Postoperative PG analogue, n (%)9 (16.7)30 (55.6)<0.001
  • For normally distributed variables, results are shown as mean±SD; for non-normally distributed variables, results are shown as median (IQR). Data expressed as mean±SD were compared with paired t-test. Data expressed as the median (IQR) were compared using the non-parametric Wilcoxon signed-rank test. McNemar’s test was used to compare the frequencies of medication use between surgery group and non-surgery group.

  • BCVA, best correlated visual acuity; CCT, central corneal thickness; HFA, Humphrey field analyser; IOL, intraocular lens; IOP, intraocular pressure; LogMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; MD, mean deviation; n.a, not applicable; PG, prostaglandin; SE, spherical equivalent.