Table 1

Demographics of the pooled population and differences among different age groups at baseline

ParametersTotalAge group (years)P value†
Age, years13.51±2.4810.64±1.5013.94±0.8016.71±0.76 <0.001*
Gender, boys%45.6041.7844.9852.430.245
SE, D−8.50±1.74−8.13±1.88−8.52±1.67−8.95±1.58 0.012*
AL, mm26.79±1.0026.42±0.9426.94±1.0127.02±0.94 <0.001*
BCVA, logMAR0.01±0.040.02±0.040.01±0.040.01±0.050.154
IPD, mm61.28±3.5659.46±3.3361.82±3.2262.75±3.53 <0.001*
Astigmatism, D−1.61±1.04−1.61±1.05−1.57±1.01−1.69±1.090.733
  • The χ2 test was used for the comparison of the proportion of gender.

  • The t-tests with Bonferroni Correction was used for the comparison between subgroups.

  • The bold values were those P values <0.05.

  • *P<0.05 was considered statistically significant.

  • †The analysis of variance test was used for the comparison among three age groups.

  • ‡LogMar means Logarithm of Mininal Angle Resolution

  • AL, axial length; BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; D, dioptres; HOA, higher-order aberration; IPD, inter pupillary distance; SE, spherical equivalent.