Table 4

Daytime phasing IOP measurements of included eyes

Mean IOP, mm Hg (mean±SD)Peak IOP, mm Hg (mean±SD)Trough IOP, mm Hg (mean±SD)IOP fluctuation, mm Hg (mean±SD)MAPE, mm Hg (mean±SD)
POAG (n=945 eyes)18.0±4.719.8±5.316.4±4.23.4±2.22.4±1.7
Mild POAG (n=598 eyes)18.1±4.620.0±6.516.4±4.13.6±4.52.4±1.7
Moderate POAG (n=251 eyes)18.2±5.020.0±5.616.5±4.53.5±2.32.4±1.7
Severe POAG (n=96 eyes)17.7±4.619.2±5.016.1±4.23.1±1.92.1±1.3
NTG (n=540 eyes)15.1±2.516.7±4.913.8±2.32.9±4.41.9±1.2
OHT (n=264 eyes)22.1±2.724.4±3.220.0±2.44.4±2.42.8±1.6
  • The severity of POAG is classified according to MD value of baseline visual field (mild POAG: MD value ≥6; moderate POAG: −6>MD value ≥12; severe POAG: MD value≤12).

  • IOP, intraocular pressure; MAPE, mean amplitude of IOP excursion; NTG, normal tension glaucoma; OHT, ocular hypertension; POAG, primary open-angle glaucoma.