Table 1

Optimised constants used for the dataset

Lens constantZCB00SA60AT
Barrett universal IILens factor2.161.69
CastropCas, Raux0.41, 0.240.37,–0.05
EVO 2.0A constant119.44118.7
Haigisa0, a1, a21.28, 0.210, 0.2510.138, 0.227, 0.182
Hill-RBF 3.0A constant119.53118.64
Hoffer QpACD5.825.43
Holladay ISurgeon factor2.071.65
Holladay IIACD5.8245.396
KaneA constant119.36118.7
Olsen2 ACD, C constant5.12, 0.484.7, 0.39
PEARL-DGSA constant119.307118.738
SRK/TA constant119.5118.8
  • Constant optimisation was achieved in a trial and error fashion to adjust the constant until a prediction error of 0 was achieved for each eye. We used the mean constant as the optimised one.

  • ACD, anterior chamber depth.;