Table 1

Scoring criteria of cornea suturing in porcine eye

Length of suture placement on each side L=average length of three sutures (mm)
One point0.75≤L≤1.250.5 point1.25<L≤1.5 or 0.5≤L<1.250 pointL>1.5 or L<0.5
Uniformity of suture placement length UL=maximum length – minimum length (mm)
One pointUL≤0.250.5 point0.25<UL≤0.50 pointUL>0.5
Spacing of suture placement S=average spacing of three sutures (mm)
1 point1.0≤S≤1.50.5 point1.5<S≤1.75 or 0.75≤S<1.00 pointS>1.75 or S<1.0
Uniformity of suture placement spacing US = maximum spacing – minimum spacing (mm)
1 pointUS≤0.250.5 point0.25<US≤0.50 pointUS>0.5
Depth of suture placement D = average (depth of suture placement/cornea thickness)
1 point0.67≤D≤0.80.5 point0.5<D≤0.67 or 0.8≤D<0.90 pointD>0.9 or D<0.5
Uniformity of suture placement depth UD = (maximum depth – minimum depth)/cornea thickness
1 pointUD ≤0.10.5 point0.1<UD≤0.150 pointUD >0.15
Tissue protection
2 points: Any or combination of the following mistakes: no or very little incision stress; ≤1 slight corneal stroma damage
1 point: Any or combination of the following mistakes: ≥1 marked incision stress (no viscoelastics refill needed); ≤1 severe corneal stroma damage or ≤2 slight corneal stroma damage
0 point: mistakes severe than 1 point
Time T=first attempt to enter the anterior chamber until completion of suturing (min)
Two pointsT≤15one point15<T≤200 pointT>20