Table 5

Main outcomes and Post-training parameters in group A and group B

Group A (n=42)Group B (n=41)P value
Learning interest with the modulator (95% CI)8.50 (8.05 to 8.95)8.61 (8.14 to 9.08)0.73a
Possibility to withstand training for more than 4 hours (95% CI)4.20 (3.92 to 4.47)3.00 (2.62 to 3.28)<0.001b
Willingness to receive more times of training (95% CI)4.27 (4.02 to 4.51)3.33 (3.02 to 3.63)<0.001b
Confidence with practice tasks on the porcine eyes (95% CI)6.50 (5.98 to 7.02)5.90 (5.30 to 6.51)0.13a
 Pretraining versus post-training (p value)0.03a0.28a
Confidence to be a surgical assistant (95% CI)5.71 (5.15 to 6.28)5.29 (4.65 to 5.94)0.32a
 Pretraining versus post-training (p value)<0.001a0.007a
Factor considered most important to strengthen confidence42410.17c
 Enough time of modulator practice1815
 Enough mentor instruction94
 Enough clinical practice1522
Total scores of porcine eye performance
 Cornea suturing (95% CI)6.50 (6.20 to 6.80)6.29 (6.06 to 6.52)0.26a
 Circular capsulorhexis (95% CI)6.19 (5.78 to 6.60)6.15 (5.81 to 6.49)0.87a
  • Statistical methods: a, t test; b, Mann-Whitney U test; c, Chi-Square analysis.