Table 4

General characteristics and pretraining parameters of the participants in group A and group B

Group A (n=42)Group B (n=41)P value
Gender (male: female)12:3011:30>0.999a
Age (years)
Experience of micromanipulations (hours)00>0.999a
Confidence with practice tasks on the porcine eyes (95% CI)5.50 (4.76 to 6.24)5.44 (4.84 to 6.04)0.90b
Confidence to be a surgical assistant (95% CI)4.02 (3.60 to 4.68)3.95 (3.20 to 4.70)0.88b
Preferred practice modulator4241< 0.001a
 AR modulators320
 Porcine eyes1419
Factor considered most important to strengthen confidence42410.12a
 Enough time of modulator practice1818
 Enough mentor instruction82
 Enough clinical practice1621
  • Statistical methods: a, Chi-Square analysis; b, Mann-Whitney U test