Table 1

Demographic characteristics of participants

Age, years57.5±8.6
Male, n (%)8 (26.7%)
Central corneal thickness at baseline, µm549.9±28.4
Axial length at baseline, mm24.42±1.48
Spherical equivalent at baseline, diopters−1.32±2.77
Untreated IOP, mm Hg14.2±2.2
Visual field MD at baseline, dB−4.00±4.10
Visual field index at baseline, %88.63±11.06
Self-reported hypertension, n (%)5 (16.7%)
Self-reported diabetes, n (%)4 (13.3%)
Family history of glaucoma, n (%)8 (26.7%)
Cold extremities, n (%)12 (40.0%)
Migraine, n (%)4 (13.3%)
  • Values are shown in mean±SD, unless otherwise specified.

  • dB, decibel; IOP, intraocular pressure; MD, mean deviation.