Table 2

Comparison between visual field indices around the formation and resolution of peripapillary retinoschisis

Before PRS formationAfter PRS formationP valueBefore PRS resolutionAfter PRS resolutionP value
OCT RNFL thickness, µm65.5±27.972.9±31.90.02484.5±77.377.3±12.30.001
Mean deviation, dB−4.39±4.29−4.58±4.280.345−4.40±3.63−4.41±4.240.846
VFI, %86.69±13.5286.46±13.480.72089.23±9.1487.86±11.170.258
Regional deviation, dB−5.09±5.96−5.43±6.390.255−5.46±4.84−5.97±5.610.758
  • Values are shown in mean±SD, with statistically significant P values in boldface.

  • dB, decibel; OCT, optical coherence tomography; PRS, peripapillary retinoschisis; RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; VFI, visual field index.