Table 1

The characteristics of infants in the IVC and IVR groups

IVC groupIVR groupTχ2 P value
No of eyes/children60/3060/30//
Single/ multiple22/826/4/1.670.196*
BW (g)1160±4801089±4000.590.558
GA (week)28.27±2.7727.50±2.701.080.284
PMA at first treatment (week)35.26±1.9136.08±2.25−1.520.133
  • 2 test. The remaining indices are the t-test.

  • BW, birth weight; CS, caesarean section; GA, gestational age; IVC, intravitreal injection of conbercept; IVR, intravitreal injection of ranibizumab; NB, natural birth; PMA, postmenstrual age.