Table 1

Response group demographic and outcome parameters

Risk factorNTGHTGP value
Cohort size (n)144146
Age (years, mean (SD))78.6 (9.5)77.3 (9.9)0.26
Sex (m:f) (percentage male)56:88 (39%)53:93 (36%)0.72
Ethnicity (European:Asian)142:2145:10.62
Stroke history14 (10%)18 (12%)0.58
Smoker31 (22%)39 (26%)0.87
Diabetes23 (16%)22 (15%)0.87
Hypertension70 (49%)88 (60%)0.06
Psychiatric history7 (5%)6 (4%)0.79
  • Clinical data including history of stroke, smoking, diabetes, hypertension and psychiatric history were self-reported immediately prior to T-MoCA assessment; p values were determined using independent-sample unpaired t-tests and Fisher’s exact tests.

  • HTG, high tension glaucoma (maximum intraocular pressure ≥25 mm Hg); NTG, normal-tension glaucoma (maximum recorded intraocular pressure ≤21 mm Hg); T-MoCA, Telephone Version of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment.