Table 1

Demographic and clinical data in Graves’ orbitopathy (GO) and control groups

GO (n=15)Control (n=15)
Age (years)51.9±13.755.8±17.8
Female, n1212
BMI (kg/m2)22.7±4.523.4±3.4
Smoker, n43
Clinical Activity Score0–1=8
> 3=0
Treatment of GONA
Previous radiotherapy3
Systemic glucocorticoid
 Oral, >6 months prior to surgery2
 Intravenous methylprednisolone8
 Glucocorticoids at the time of surgery0
Duration of Graves’ disease50.4±43.5NA
Treatment of Graves’ diseaseNA
 Antithyroid drug, n12
 Radioiodine therapy, n3
 Thyroidectomy, n0
  • BMI, body mass index.