Table 4

Glaucoma parameters and cognitive impairment

Glaucoma parameter (mean (SD))Cognitive stratificationP value
Impaired (<11/22)Normal (≥11/22)
Total number (n)29261
Highest measured IOP (mm Hg)21.9 (8.7)25.5 (9.4)0.16
LogMAR BCVA0.36 (0.31)0.29 (0.40)0.19
VCDR worst eye0.86 (0.09)0.83 (0.12)0.55
Mean deviation worst eye (dB)−14.4 (9.3)−12.9 (9.2)0.40
CCT average (µm)519.2 (36.7)525.6 (39.1)0.57
  • P values were determined with linear regression using age as a covariate.

  • LogMAR BCVA, logarithm of the minimal angle of resolution best central visual acuity; CCT, central corneal thickness; IOP, intraocular pressure; VCDR, vertical cup-to-disc ratio.