Table 2

Cognitive impairment in NTG and HTG cohorts

Number of participantsT-MoCA scoreNTGHTGORs (95% CI)P value
T-MoCA completed144146
 Cognitively impaired<11/2221 (14.8%)8 (5.4%)2.2 (1.1 to 6.7)0.030*
  • P values were determined by multivariate logistic regression using age, gender and ethnicity as covariates; * p < 0.05.

  • HTG, high tension glaucoma (maximum intraocular pressure ≥25 mm Hg); NTG, normal-tension glaucoma (maximum recorded intraocular pressure ≤21 mm Hg); T-MoCA, Telephone Version of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment.