Table 3

Multivariate analysis of cognitive status and associated risk variables

Cognitive statusRisk variableOR95% CIP value
Cognitively impaired
(T-MoCA <11/22)
NTG status2.61.1 to 6.70.034*
Hypertension1.71.0 to 2.80.038*
Age1.01.0 to 1.10.29
Stroke history0.80.3 to 1.60.47
Diabetes mellitus1.20.6 to 2.40.56
Smoking history0.80.5 to 1.40.43
  • Logistic regression analysis investigating possible associations between NTG status, and systemic disease risk factors and an outcome of cognitive impairment (<11/22 T-MoCA score); *p<0.05.

  • NTG, normal-tension glaucoma; T-MoCA, Telephone Version of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment.