Table 1

Demographic and baseline ocular characteristics of Japanese participants with PCV

CharacteristicBrolucizumab 6 mg (n=39)Aflibercept 2 mg (n=30)
BCVA, letters, mean (SD)62.4 (13.9)62.4 (10.8)
CST, µm, mean (SD)392.8 (96.1)444.8 (129.0)
Presence of IRF and/or SRF, n (%)37 (94.9)26 (86.7)
Presence of sub-RPE fluid, n (%)23 (59.0)16 (53.3)
CNV-associated lesion area, mm2, mean (SD)4.4 (4.1)4.9 (4.0)
  • All randomised analysis set.

  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CNV, choroidal neovascularisation; CST, central subfield thickness; IRF, intraretinal fluid; PCV, polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy; RPE, retinal pigment epithelium; SRF, subretinal fluid.