Table 3

Comprehensive examinations vs consultation examinations

Comprehensive examinationsConsultation examinationsTotal
Median age (years)676
 Subjects for whom surgery was indicated (including at initial and follow-up visits)31 (33.0%)40 (34.5%)71 (33.8%)
 Subjects who had surgery27 (28.7%)35 (30.2%)62 (29.5%)
According to the ophthalmologist, this patient needed to be seen by an ophthalmologist52 (55.3%)91 (78.4%)143 (68.1%)
According to the ophthalmologist, follow-up care after initial visit:
 Can be managed exclusively by paediatric optometrist53 (56.4%)69 (59.5%)122 (58.1%)
 Can be co-managed by optometrist and ophthalmologist via telemedicine18 (19.1%)12 (10.3%)30 (14.3%)
 Requires paediatric ophthalmology23 (24.5%)35 (30.2%)58 (27.6%)
According to the optometrist, she would have referred this patient to ophthalmology54 (57.4%)NANA
  • NA, not available.