Table 2

Multiple regression analysis between final visual acuity (dependent variable) and other parameters

Standardised ß
coefficient (SE)
P value
BCVA at the diagnosis of treatment-naïve myopic CNV−0.1810.282
BCVA at the first visit after complete resolution of exudation (baseline visit)0.638<0.0001
Baseline presence of patchy atrophy0.1590.291
Baseline presence of CNV-related macular atrophy0.2170.075
Baseline subfoveal location0.0760.484
Baseline size of patchy atrophy0.3550.010
Baseline subfoveal choroidal thickness−0.3150.008
Baseline maximum CNV height0.3040.011
Baseline maximum CNV width0.3800.003
Recurrence of CNV exudation0.3600.007
Refractive error−0.1120.297
  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CNV, choroidal neovascularisation.