Table 2


Condition nameICD-10 codesPrimary diagnosisNon-primary diagnosis
StrabismusH50, H49.1, H51.1, H51.813162.43918.6
 EsotropiasH50.01–H50.08, H50.31–H50.32, H50.44019.041.9
   With A or V pattern*62.90
   Accommodative and partially
 ExotropiasH50.11–H50.18, H50.33–H50.347033.3104.8
   With A or V pattern83.80
   With A or V pattern115.20
 Vertical strabismusH50.231.40
 Intermittent heterotropiaH50.30010.5
 Brown syndromeH50.610.510.5
 Duane’s syndromeH50.821.010.5
 Superior oblique palsyH49.152.40
 Convergence insufficiencyH51.1110.583.8
 Dissociated vertical deviationH51.80104.8
Functional vision lossF45.810.50
Eyelid abnormalities and lesionsD22.10, H00.1, H01.0, H02.4, H05.221, Q10.0, Q82.5125.7188.6
Conjunctivitis and conjunctival disordersD31.0, H10, H1194.373.3
Keratitis and corneal abnormalitiesD31.1, H16, H1752.421.0
Infantile and juvenile cataractH26.010.510.5
CHRPE and other specified retinal disordersD31.31, H31.002, H35, Q14.131.462.9
Glaucoma suspectH40.0, Q14.2, Q15.0104.810.5
Vitreous floatersH43.39110.521.0
Optic nerve disordersH47, Q14.283.80
 Optic nerve hypoplasiaH47.0310.50
 Optic disc anomalyH47.09, H47.3931.40
 Optic disc cuppingH47.39, Q14.241.90
Ocular painH57.10010.5
Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstructionQ10.583.80
Anterior segment abnormalities/malformationsD31.4, H21.273, Q1321.031.4
Non-ocular conditions
Type 1 diabetesE10.931.40
Type 2 diabetesE11.910.50
Facial nerve palsyG51.021.00
Juvenile idiopathic arthritisL40.5410.50
TorticollisM43.6, R29.321.00
Unspecified cleft palate with unilateral cleft lipQ37.910.50
Neurofibromatosis, type 1Q85.0110.50
No medical diagnosis10.50
  • *Strabismus conditions are not mutually exclusive.

  • †These were patients undergoing screening examinations who had no ocular clinical examination findings.

  • CHRPE, congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium.