Table 1

Characteristics of patients included in the analysis

Number of eyes enrolled (patients)64 (64)
Age (years), mean (SD)63.6 (14.8)
Gender, n (%)
 M18 (28.1%)
 F46 (71.9%)
Refractive error (diopters), mean (SD)12.6 (5.0)
BCVA (LogMAR), mean (SD)
 Diagnosis of treatment-naïve myopic CNV0.51 (0.34)
 First visit after complete resolution of exudation (baseline visit)0.31 (0.27)
 3 year follow-up visit0.39 (0.46)
Number of anti-VEGF injections before baseline visit, mean (SD)2.1 (1.3)
Fellow eye status, n (%)
 Choroidal neovascularisation14 (21.9%)
Baseline characteristics
 Presence of patchy atrophy, n (%)32 (50.0%)
 Presence of CNV-related macular atrophy, n (%)24 (37.5%)
 Non-subfoveal location, n (%)38 (59.4%)
 Size of patchy atrophy (mm2), mean (SD)3.8 (6.4)
 Subfoveal choroidal thickness (μm), mean (SD)65.2 (45.5)
 Maximum CNV height (μm), mean (SD)126.5 (65.1)
 Maximum CNV width (μm), mean (SD)726.9 (442.8)
Study outcomes, n (%)
 Recurrence (all types)40 (62.5%)
 Recurrence at same location33 (51.6%)
 Recurrence at different location7 (10.9%)
  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity ; CNV, choroidal neovascularisation; LogMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; n, number of eyes; VGEF, vascular endothelial growth factors.