Table 3

Preoperative ocular findings of patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment after propensity score matching among primary success cases

Silicone oil*
P value†
Intraocular pressure (mm Hg)11.22±4.6711.05±4.250.952
Best corrected visual acuity (logMAR)0.966±0.7381.270±0.9450.177
Best-corrected visual acuity<0.8 logMAR units+17 (42.50%)14 (35.00%)0.646
Axial length
Spherical equivalent
Posterior vitreous detachment+32 (80.0%)32 (80.0%)1.000
Complex retinal detachment+31 (77.5%)28 (70.0%)1.000
Giant tear+8 (20.0%)10 (25.0%)0.789
Macula detachment+33 (82.5%)34 (85.0%)1.000
Choroidal detachment+6 (15.0%)7 (17.50%)1.000
Area of retinal detachmentOne quadrant8 (20.0%)3 (7.5%)0.424
Two quadrants16 (40.0%)17 (42.5%)
Three quadrants6 (15.0%)9 (22.5%)
Four quadrants10 (25.0%)11 (27.5%)
Stage of proliferative vitreoretinopathyN/A17 (42.5%)22 (55.0%)0.183
B10 (25.0%)12 (30.0%)
C13 (32.5%)6 (15.0%)
  • *If the variables are continuous, we present the means±SD deviation. And if those are categorical, we present the number and the proportion.

  • †P values of continuous variables are calculated by Mann-Whitney U test and those of categorical variables are calculated by χ2 test if the minimum number is >5 and Fisher’s exact test if the minimum number is ≤5. We determine that if p values are <0.05, the values are statistically significant.