Table 1

Internal test results on the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) dataset and external test results on the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (AUMC) dataset, using the ResNet-152 network

ModalityVA categoryAUCPrecisionRecall
Infrared onlyOverall0.830.780.77
Snellen 20/40 or better0.710.83
Worse than Snellen 20/400.830.71
OCT onlyOverall0.870.760.76
Snellen 20/40 or better0.730.75
Worse than Snellen 20/400.780.76
Snellen 20/40 or better0.760.89
Worse than Snellen 20/400.890.76
ModalityVA categoryAUCPrecisionRecall
Infrared onlyOverall0.780.690.63
Snellen 20/40 or better0.800.40
Worse than Snellen 20/400.560.88
OCT onlyOverall0.870.790.79
Snellen 20/40 or better0.840.74
Worse than Snellen 20/400.740.84
Snellen 20/40 or better0.780.78
Worse than Snellen 20/400.750.75
  • Three versions of the network were trained and tested: infrared only, OCT only and combined image.

  • AUC, area under the curve; OCT, optical coherence tomography.; VA, visual acuity.