Table 1

Details and characteristics of CMV-infected patients with PSS

CaseSexUnilateral/BilateralAge at the clinic visitAge at the first onsetFrequency of attack (n/year)Peak IOPGC dependenceAnti-HCMV IgG (s/co)CMV
(copies/ mL)
Response to antiviral therapyCMV genotype
1MaleUni/OS54511461.52213Complete controlgB 1
2MaleUni/OD3229345+0.5915 311Poor controlgB 1
3MaleUni/OD5049350+1.0610 965Poor controlgB 1
4MaleUni/OD4238150+2.3928 510Poor controlgB 1
5MaleUni/OS31252500.34473 151Complete controlgB 1
6MaleBi/OS6256250+0.762 585 235Complete controlgB 1
7MaleUni/OD51461600.27181 970Complete controlgB 1
8FemaleUni/OD2825146+0.28142 889Complete controlgB 1
9MaleUni/OS40301410.67346 737Poor controlgB 1
10MaleUni/OD3122148+2.29307 256Poor controlgB 1
11MaleUni/OS3634143+0.247 852 356Poor controlgB 1
12FemaleBi/OD3731145+0.27407 380Complete controlgB 3
13MaleUni/OS55452520.24301 995Poor controlgB 3
14MaleBi/OD65642481.4938 238Poor controlgB 3
  • Bi, bilateral; CMV, cytomegalovirus; gB, glycoprotein B; GC-dependence, glucocorticoids-dependence; HCMV, human cytomegalovirus; IOP, intraocular pressure; OD, right eye; OS, left eye; PSS, Posner-Schlossman syndrome; Uni, unilateral.