Table 3

Visual acuity scores before and after cataract surgery among the subsample of eyes that received fundus photographs (n=362), according to diabetic retinopathy severity

DR severityPreoperative VAPostoperative VA
None (n=179)65.4±16.5 (20/50)74.1±14.2 (20/33)
Mild (n=50)62.7±20.4 (20/58)71.1±15.5 (20/38)
Moderate (n=124)65.9±14.6 (20/50)69.6±15.6 (20/40)
Severe or PDR (n=9)67.9±10.3 (20/46)66.7±17.7 (20/48)
Total (n=362)65.2±16.3 (20/50)72.0±15.1 (20/36)
  • The results are listed as mean±SD VA letter score (Snellen equivalent).

  • DR, diabetic retinopathy; PDR, proliferative diabetic retinopathy; VA, visual acuity.