Table 1

The American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) eighth edition TNMH classification for retinoblastoma, Definitions for primary tumour staging (CT)

cTXUnknown evidence of intraocular tumour
cT0No evidence of intraocular tumour.
cT1Intraocular tumour(s) with subretinal fluid ≤5 mm from the base of any tumour.
 cT1aTumours ≤3 mm and further than 1.5 mm from the disc and fovea.
 cT1bTumours >3 mm or closer than 1.5 mm to the disc and fovea.
cT2Intraocular tumour(s) with retinal detachment, vitreous seeding or subretinal seeding.
 cT2aSubretinal fluid >5 mm from the base of any tumour.
 cT2bTumours with vitreous seeding and/or subretinal seeding.
cT3Advanced intraocular tumour(s).
 cT3aPhthisis or prephthisis bulbi.
 cT3bTumour invasion of the pars plana, ciliary body, lens, zonules, iris or anterior chamber.
 cT3cRaised intraocular pressure with neovascularisation and/or buphthalmos.
 cT3dHyphema and/or massive vitreous haemorrhage.
 cT3eAseptic orbital cellulitis.
cT4Extraocular tumour(s) involving the orbit, including the optic nerve.
 cT4aRadiological evidence of retrobulbar optic nerve involvement or thickening of the optic nerve or involvement of the orbital tissues.
 cT4aExtraocular tumour clinically evident with proptosis and orbital mass.
  • cT, clinical tumour.