Table 3

Univariable analysis of recipient, donor and surgery parameters for developing early graft failure after DMEK surgery

All consecutive performed DMEK (n=752)
Early graft failure (n=85) (%)OR95% CIP value
Recipient parameters
Age, years1.03 (per 1 unit)1.00 to 1.060.037
Sex1.550.98 to 2.440.06
Baseline IOP, mm Hg1.03 (per 1 unit)0.96 to 1.100.43
Baseline CCT, µm1.00 (per 1 unit)1.00 to 1.010.43
Indication, FED0.80.39 to 1.620.53
Indication, PBK1.590.45 to 5.610.47
Indication, graft failure1.240.47 to 3.270.66
Lens status, PPC1.590.87 to 2.890.13
Ocular comorbidities, except cataract0.810.41 to 1.630.56
Donor parameters
Age, years0.98 (per 1 unit)0.95 to 1.010.15
Sex1.120.70 to 1.800.64
Graft diameter, mm
 8.580.370.21 to 0.64<0.001
 >8.5241.250.58 to 2.740.57
ECD, cells/mm2 1.00 (per 1 unit)1.00 to 1.000.65
Complicated graft preparation2.150.70 to 6.620.17
Surgery parameters
Surgical complication2.831.50 to 5.320.001
Diameter descemetorhexis, mm
 8.580.670.33 to 1.330.25
 >8.5151.410.76 to 2.610.27
Recipient donor sex mismatch1.020.65 to 1.610.93
Surgery date after 20150.320.19 to 0.54<0.001
Triple procedure0.840.33 to 2.190.73
Phakic DMEK0.330.08 to 1.400.08
PPC vs phakic DMEK3.150.75 to 13.350.1
PPC vs triple1.290.49 to 3.340.61
PPC and triple vs phakic DMEK3.090.73 to 12.980.11
Eye undergoing surgery0.780.49 to 1.230.28
  • CCT, central cornea thickness; DMEK, Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty; ECD, endothelial cell density; FED, Fuchs endothelial dystrophy; IOP, intraocular pressure; PBK, pseudophakic bullous keratopathy; PPC, pseudophakic, posterior chamber.