Table 1

The importance of 18 features in two methods

Permutation importanceImpurity-based feature importance
ICL size1.00ICL size1.00
Pupil size0.51Type of ICL0.29
ACA0.47The time after surgery0.19
CT0.45Pupil size0.16
The time after surgery0.40AL0.11
K2 value0.31CT0.09
K2 axis0.31ACA0.08
K1 value0.31K2 value0.07
K1 axis0.28Sphere0.07
WTW0.27K1 value0.06
Sphere0.26Sphere of ICL0.04
Sphere of ICL0.18K2 axis0.04
SE of ICL0.17SE of ICL0.02
Type of ICL0.13K1 axis0.02
Cylinder of ICL0.08Cylinder of ICL0.0
  • The highest importance aligned to 1.0 and scale the left values accordingly.

  • ACA, anterior chamber angle; ACD, anterior chamber depth; AL, axial length; CT, corneal thickness; ICL, implantable collamer lens; K1, steepest meridian keratometry; K2, flattest meridian keratometry; SE, spherical equivalent; WTW, white to white.