Table 2

Correlations between catecholamine concentrations and choroidal thickness

ChT regionAvgCentreInTInSInNInIOutTOutSOutNOutI
 P value0.
 P value0.
 P value0.290.320.220.160.340.560.230.100.960.31
Factor 1
 P value0.
  • *Effects of E, NE, DA and factor 1 on the choroidal thickness of various regions were analysed using robust regression, adjusted for age, gender and baseline refractive status.

  • Avg, average; ChT, choroidal thickness; DA, dopamine; E, epinephrine; InI, inner inferior; InN, inner nasal; InS, inner superior; InT, inner temporal; NE, norepinephrine; OutI, outer inferior; OutN, outer nasal; OutS, outer superior; OutT, outer temporal.