Table 4

Correlations between choroidal thickness and axial length

ChT regionAvgCentreInTInSInNInIOutTOutSOutNOutI
Baseline AL
 P value0.0010.00030.00030.02750.0002<0.00010.04770.05060.0020.0004
Change in AL
 P value0.0120.11320.13280.00750.05420.03650.05040.01660.02660.0142
  • *Effect of choroidal thickness on the axial length were analysed using robust regression, adjusted for age, gender and baseline refractive status.

  • AL, axial length; Avg, average; ChT, choroidal thickness; InI, inner inferior; InN, inner nasal; InS, inner superior; InT, inner temporal; OutI, outer inferior; OutN, outer nasal; OutS, outer superior; OutT, outer temporal.