Table 1

Age-standardised incidence of uveal melanoma by sex, state and territory

(per million)
95% CInRate*
(per million)
95% CI
NSW and ACT8718.57.8 to 9.27967.16.5 to 7.8
VIC5347.46.6 to 8.24826.05.3 to 6.7
QLD4868.97.8 to 9.94267.36.4 to 8.2
SA26610.79.1 to 12.32478.87.3 to 10.2
WA2087.96.6 to 9.31836.65.4 to 7.8
TAS567.75.3 to 10.1445.13.3 to 6.9
n SIR 95%CI
NT†180.650.39 to 1.03
  • *Age-standardised rates are per 1 000 000 person-years standardised to the Australian 2001 standard population.

  • †Northern Territory results are indirect standardised incidence ratios and only by persons.

  • ACT, Australian Capital Territory; n, number; NSW, New South Wales; NT, Northern Territory; QLD, Queensland; SA, South Australia; SIR, standardised incidence ratio; TAS, Tasmania; VIC, Victoria; WA, Western Australia.