Table 2

Summary of event calculation and life tables

EventNumber of eventsMean survival (months)Cumulative proportion surviving at the time
12 months (%)24 months (%)36 months (%)
Overall death20 patients58.63±2.9298.00±1.4090.16±3.1284.76±4.22
Disease-specific survival8 patients died of disease67.96±2.06100.00±0.0094.16±2.5494.16±2.54
Local tumour control6 local failures69.22±1.9597.96±1.4395.65±2.1395.65±2.13
Metastasis-free survival12 metastasis (11 liver, 1 multiple organs)65.79±2.2297.98±1.4191.03±3.0483.94±4.45
Eye retention7 enucleations (4 local recurrences, 1 corneal ulcer and local recurrence, 1 corneal necrosis, 1 persistent pain)67.86±2.4197.94±1.4494.44±2.4294.44±2.42
  • Numerical values are mean values with a SD.