Table 1

Top 10 research priorities identified in phase III

1.Better ways to stop sight loss/stopping progression of glaucoma.
2.Treatments to restore vision.
3.Improved detection of worsening glaucoma/better tools to detect progression.
4.New/Better medical treatments.
5.Better understanding of what causes glaucoma and risk factors/genetics of glaucoma.
6.Better surgical or laser treatments including improved MIGS or better evidence for MIGS.
7.Methods to treat glaucoma other than lowering IOP/neuroprotection and non-IOP treatments.
8.Improved diagnostic tests including 8(a) improved visual field tests/novel or improved methods of imaging.
9.Screening, early diagnosis, avoiding late diagnosis.
10.Treatments with fewer side effects.
  • MIGS, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery.