Table 2

Explorative data of the predicted ‘overall’ refraction uncertainty at the spectacle plane REFU resulting from discretised IOL power steps STEPU and labelling tolerances ISOU according to EN ISO 11979-2:2014

REFU in dpt; N=16 669Bausch and lomb enVistaAlcon SA60AT
IOL power steps STEPULabelling tolerances ISOUIOL power steps STEPULabelling tolerances ISOU
2.5% quantile0.11230.11170.13550.13240.11610.11230.14040.1347
97.5% quantile0.12590.12370.24200.24270.12720.12550.25050.2505
  • The REFU values are derived using a Monte Carlo simulation based on N=16 669 datapoints in the dataset. Data where (according to the Castrop or Haigis formula) no appropriate lens power steps were available were excluded. The table lists the mean, SD, median, and the lower and upper boundary of the 95% CI (2.5% and 97.5% quantiles). STEPU refers to the range from the lower boundary (STEPlo: IOLPQ−½ the step to the next lower lens power) to the upper boundary (STEPhi: IOLPQ+½ the next higher power step), and .REFU to half of this 68% CI interval is quoted as the ‘target parameter’ refraction uncertainty at the spectacle plane.

  • IOL, intraocular lens.