Table 1

Explorative data of the input parameters used for lens power calculation in terms of mean value, SD, median and 95% CI

N=16 669Age in yearsAL in mmACD in mmLT in mmCD in mmR1a in mmR2a in mmRa in mm
2.5% quantile49.000021.59622.50583.385811.19557.28637.10167.2050
97.5% quantile86.000027.17773.97914.969712.79848.38878.18878.2750
  • Age refers to the patient age at the time point of the biometric measurement before cataract surgery, AL to the AL of the eye, ACD to the phakic ACD as the distance between the front corneal apex and the front lens apex, LT to the central thickness of the crystalline lens, CD to the horizontal CD, R1a and R2a to the corneal radii of curvature in the flat and steep meridians, and Ra to the mean corneal radius.

  • ACD, anterior chamber depth; CD, corneal diameter; LT, labelling tolerances.