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Ocular Trauma Scores in paediatric open globe injuries

Marlene M Schörkhuber, Werner Wackernagel, Regina Riedl, Mona R Schneider, Andreas Wedrich

11 February 2014

Safety of ranibizumab in routine clinical practice: 1-year retrospective pooled analysis of four European neovascular AMD registries within the LUMINOUS programme

Frank G Holz, Francesco Bandello, Mark Gillies, Paul Mitchell, Aaron Osborne, Tom Sheidow, Eric Souied, Marta S Figueroa, on behalf of the LUMINOUS Steering Committee, Francesco Bandello, Christopher Brand, Mark Gillies, Frank G Holz, Adrian Koh, Paul Mitchell, Aaron Osborne, Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth, N Sharma, Tom Sheidow, Eric Souied, Marta S Figueroa, Steve Winyard

13 July 2013

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