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Cystoid macular oedema after descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty

Damien Guindolet, Odile Huynh, Gilles C Martin, Hugo Disegni, Georges Azar, Isabelle Cochereau, Eric Gabison

8 November 2021

Rebubbling and graft failure in Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty: a prospective Dutch registry study

Suryan Dunker, Bjorn Winkens, Frank van den Biggelaar, Rudy Nuijts, Pieter Jan Kruit, Mor Dickman, Marjolijn C Bartels, Yanny Y Cheng, Bart T H van Dooren, Cathrien A Eggink, Annette J M Geerards, Tom A van Goor, Ype P Henry, Ruth Lapid-Gortzak, Chantal M van Luijk, Ivanka J van der Meulen, Carla P Nieuwendaal, Siamak Nobacht, Monica T P Odenthal, Lies Remeijer, Jeroen van Rooij, Nathalie T Y Santana, Remco Stoutenbeek, Mei L Tang, Thijs Vaessen, Nienke Visser, Robert H J Wijdh, Robert P L Wisse, Michel J W Zaal

17 February 2021

Corneal graft failure: an update

Jorge L Alio, Andrea Montesel, Fouad El Sayyad, Rafael Ignacio Barraquer, Francisco Arnalich-Montiel, Jorge Luis Alio Del Barrio

11 August 2020

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