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Inherited causes of combined vision and hearing loss: clinical features and molecular genetics
Thales Antonio Cabral de Guimaraes, Elizabeth Arram, Ahmed F Shakarchi, Michalis Georgiou, Michel Michaelides

26 September 2022

Macula structural and vascular differences in glaucoma eyes with and without high axial myopia
Jasmin Rezapour, Christopher Bowd, Jade Dohleman, Akram Belghith, James A Proudfoot, Mark Christopher, Leslie Hyman, Jost B Jonas, Rafaella C Penteado, Sasan Moghimi, Huiyuan Hou, Nevin W. El-Nimri, Eleonora Micheletti, Massimo A Fazio, Robert N WeinrebSee the full list of authors

20 June 2022

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