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Smoking and progressive retinal nerve fibre layer thinning in glaucoma
Takashi Nishida, Golnoush Mahmoudinezhad, Robert N Weinreb, Sally L Baxter, Medi Eslani, Jeffrey M Liebmann, Christopher A Girkin, Massimo A Fazio, Linda M Zangwill, Sasan Moghimi

13 September 2022

Glaucoma in rural China (the Rural Epidemiology for Glaucoma in China (REG-China)): a national cross-sectional study
Yuanyuan Liu, Baoqun Yao, Xi Chen, Xueli Yang, Yong Liu, Zhenggao Xie, Xiaofeng Chen, Zhigang Yuan, Xingrong Wang, Dan Hu, Xiang Ma, Weiqi Gao, Ruifeng Wang, Yuzhong Yang, Song ChenSee the full list of authors

15 July 2022

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