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Epimacular brachytherapy for previously treated neovascular age-related macular degeneration: month 36 results of the MERLOT randomised controlled trial

Timothy L Jackson, Cristina Soare, Caroline Petrarca, Andrew Simpson, James E Neffendorf, Robert Petrarca, Katherine Alyson Muldrew, Tunde Peto, Usha Chakravarthy, Luke Membrey, Richard Haynes, Mark Costen, David H W Steel, Riti Desai, Fiona Bishop, Edward Doyle, Ibraheem Elghrably, Rajen Gupta, Simon Harding, Heinrich Heimann, Edward Hughes, Afsar Jafree, Niral Karia, Pauline Lenfesty, Vineeth Kumar, Andrew Lotery, Anthony O’Driscoll, Jignesh Patel, Wallace Poon, Som Prasad, Michael Quinn, Vasant Raman, Steven Rowley, Jayashree Sahni, David Schultz, Richard Sheard, Peter Simcock, Paulo Stanga, Saju Thomas, Yit Fung Yang

25 February 2022

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