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Tomography, optical coherence

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Comparison of retinal vessel diameter measurements from swept-source OCT angiography and adaptive optics ophthalmoscope
Xinwen Yao, Mengyuan Ke, Yijie Ho, Emily Lin, Damon W K Wong, Bingyao Tan, Leopold Schmetterer, Jacqueline Chua

27 May 2020

Comparison of macular structural and vascular changes in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder and primary open angle glaucoma: a cross-sectional study
Xiayin Zhang, Hui Xiao, Chunxin Liu, Lanqin Zhao, Jinghui Wang, Haiquan Li, Ruixin Wang, Yi Zhu, Chuan Chen, Xiaohang Wu, Duoru Lin, Jingqi Wang, Xing Liu, Wei Qiu, Patrick Yu-Wai-ManSee the full list of authors

19 May 2020

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