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Long – term outcomes of treat – and – extend ranibizumab with and without navigated laser for diabetic macular oedema: TREX – DME 3 – year results

John F. Payne, Charles C. Wykoff, W. Lloyd Clark, Beau B. Bruce, David S. Boyer, David M. Brown, John F Payne, W Lloyd Clark, John A Wells, David L Johnson, Charles C Wykoff, David M Brown, Matthew Benz, Eric Chen, Richard H Fish, Rosa Y Kim, James C Major, Ronan E O’Malley, Amy C Schefler, Ankoor R Shah, Tien P Wong, David S Boyer, Roger L Novack, Thomas G Chu, Firas Rahhal, Homayoun Tabandeh, Richard H Roe, Pouya N Dayani, David Liao, Alexander Walsh, Daniel D Esmaili


Apr 17, 2020