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Nerve fibers

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Biphasic change in retinal nerve fibre layer thickness from 30 to 60 weeks postmenstrual age in preterm infants
Liangbo L. Shen, Shwetha Mangalesh, Brendan McGeehan, Kai R. Seely, Vincent Tai, Neeru Sarin, Joanne Finkle, Katrina P. Winter, Du Tran-Viet, Sharon F. Freedman, Mays A. El-Dairi, Gui-Shuang Ying, Cynthia A. Toth

16 September 2022

Associations between systemic health and retinal nerve fibre layer thickness in preterm infants at 36 weeks postmenstrual age
Liangbo L Shen, Shwetha Mangalesh, Suzanne M Michalak, Brendan McGeehan, Neeru Sarin, Joanne Finkle, Katrina P Winter, Du Tran-Viet, Eric J Benner, Lejla Vajzovic, Sharon F Freedman, Noelle Younge, C Michael Cotten, Mays El-Dairi, Gui-Shuang YingSee the full list of authors

13 August 2021

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