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Retinal vein

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Macular vessel reduction as predictor for recurrence of macular oedema requiring repeat intravitreal ranibizumab injection in eyes with branch retinal vein occlusion

Taiji Hasegawa, Yohei Takahashi, Ichiro Maruko, Akiko Kogure, Tomohiro Iida

4 December 2018

Cilioretinal artery hypoperfusion and its association with paracentral acute middle maculopathy

Francesco Pichi, Serena Fragiotta, K Bailey Freund, Adrian Au, Andrea Lembo, Paolo Nucci, Stefano Sebastiani, Juan Carlos Gutierrez Hernandez, Emanuela Interlandi, Francesco Pellegrini, Rosa Dolz-Marco, Roberto Gallego-Pinazo, Jorge Orellana-Rios, Feisal A Adatia, Monique Munro, Emad B Abboud, Nicola Ghazi, Eduardo Cunha Souza, Radgonde Amer, Piergiorgio Neri, David Sarraf

26 September 2018

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