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Editorial Board

British Journal of Ophthalmology Editorial Board members have agreed and adhere to the BMJ Editor Roles and Responsibilities guidelines; including our Editor policy on competing interests.


Frank Larkin Moorfields Eye Hospital London, UK Declaration of Interests ORCID logo

Deputy Editors

Mingguang He University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia Competing interests ORCID logo Ludwig Heindl University of Cologne Cologne, Germany Competing interests ORCID logo
Editorial office:

Section Editors

Sayan Basu L V Prasad Eye Institute Hyderabad, India ORCID logo Vincent Borderie CHNO des quinze-vingts Paris, France ORCID logo Alain Bron Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Dijon-Bourgogne Dijon, France ORCID logo Catey Bunce London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine London, UK ORCID logo David Charteris Moorfields Eye Hospital London, UK ORCID logo Ching-Yu Cheng Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore ORCID logo Nathan Congdon Queen's University Belfast Belfast, UK ORCID logo Susan Culican University of Minnesota Minneapolis, USA ORCID logo Parul Desai Moorfields Eye Hospital London, UK ORCID logo Justis Ehlers Cole Eye Institiute at the Cleveland Clinic Cleveland,OH, USA ORCID logo Bita Esmaeli MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, USA ORCID logo Paul Foster Moorfields Eye Hospital London, UK ORCID logo Anat Galor University of Miami Miami, FL, USA ORCID logo Irene Gottlob University of Leicester Leicester, UK ORCID logo Roxane Hillier Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK ORCID logo Vishal Jhanji University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA, USA ORCID logo Renbing Jia Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai, China ORCID logo
Albert Jun Wilmer Eye Institute Baltimore, USA Pearse Keane Moorfields Eye Hospital London, UK ORCID logo Christopher Leung The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shatin, Hong Kong ORCID logo Dion Paridaens Rotterdam Eye Hospital Rotterdam, Netherlands ORCID logo Ki Ho Park Seoul National University Seoul, South Korea ORCID logo Carlos Pavesio Moorfields Eye Hospital London, UK ORCID logo David Sarraf Stein Eye Institute, UCLA Los Angeles, USA Steffen Schmitz-Valckenberg Moran Eye Center, University of Utah Salt Lake City, USA ORCID logo Joel Schuman NYU Langone Medical Center New York City, USA ORCID logo Jonathan Sears Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, OH, USA ORCID logo Prem Subramanian University of Colorado Denver, USA ORCID logo Ramin Tadayoni Université de Paris Paris, France ORCID logo Jennifer Thorne Wilmer Eye Institute Baltimore, USA Daniel Ting Singapore National Eye Centre Singapore Adnan Tufail Moorfields Eye Hospital London, UK ORCID logo Rob Verdijk Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, Netherlands ORCID Ke Yao Zhejiang University Hangzhou, China ORCID Xiangtian Zhou Wenzhou Medical University Wenzhou, China ORCID

Social Media Editor

Professor Mariya Moosajee University College London London, UK ORCID logo

Publishing Team

Publishing Executive: Caitlin Alder Senior Publisher: Lindsey Fountain Head of Portfolio: Richard Sands
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