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We are delighted to share the 2019 impact factor for British Journal of Ophthalmology of 3.611 (Journal Citation Reports, Clarivate Analytics), which remains ranked in the top 10 (out of 60) of the Ophthalmology category.

The quality and impact of our journals are dependent on many different measures. We’ve provided here some of those metrics for British Journal of Ophthalmology, to reflect the latest 2019 data, that remain important to our authors. We’ve also listed our top most cited articles from each of the last two years, free to read.


Artificial intelligence and deep learning in ophthalmology
FEB 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-313173

Choriocapillaris impairment around the atrophic lesions in patients with geographic atrophy: a swept-source optical coherence tomography angiography study
JUL 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-312643

Repeatability, interocular correlation and agreement of quantitative swept-source optical coherence tomography angiography macular metrics in healthy subjects
MAR 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-311874

Quantifying vascular density and morphology using different swept-source optical coherence tomography angiographic scan patterns in diabetic retinopathy
FEB 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-311942

Prognostic factors for local recurrence, metastasis and survival for sebaceous carcinoma of the eyelid: observations in 100 patients
JUL 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-312635

Evaluation of a deep learning image assessment system for detecting severe retinopathy of prematurity
MAY 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-313156

Comparative analysis of large macular hole surgery using an internal limiting membrane insertion versus inverted flap technique
FEB 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-311770

Early retinal neurovascular impairment in patients with diabetes without clinically detectable retinopathy
DEC 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-313582

Prevalence of glaucoma in the Australian National Eye Health Survey
FEB 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-311786

Quantitative changes in the ageing choriocapillaris as measured by swept source optical coherence tomography angiography
SEP 2019 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-313004


Prevalence and causes of vision loss in high-income countries and in Eastern and Central Europe in 2015: magnitude, temporal trends and projections
MAY 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-311258

Repeatability of vessel density measurements of optical coherence tomography angiography in normal and glaucoma eyes
MAR 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-310637

Evaluation of optical coherence tomography angiographic findings in Alzheimer’s type dementia
FEB 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-310476

Optical coherence tomography angiography analysis of foveal microvascular changes and inner retinal layer thinning in patients with diabetes
SEP 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-311149

Global prevalence of visual impairment associated with myopic macular degeneration and temporal trends from 2000 through 2050: systematic review, meta-analysis and modelling
JUL 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-311266

Clinical features of demyelinating optic neuritis with seropositive myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody in Chinese patients
OCT 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-311177

Prevalence of keratoconus in paediatric patients in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
OCT 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-311391

Comparison of anterior segment optical coherence tomography angiography systems for corneal vascularisation
JUL 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-311072

Posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens implantation: comparative, multicentre study in 351 eyes with low-to-moderate or high myopia
FEB 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2017-310164

Acanthamoeba keratitis: confirmation of the UK outbreak and a prospective case-control study identifying contributing risk factors
DEC 2018 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-312544

Journal Metrics:

Days to first decision: 19
Days from acceptance to publication: 17

2 year Impact Factor (JCR): 3.611
SciMago Journal Rank (SJR): 1.878
Eigenfactor: 0.0203
Citescore: 6.8

2019 total Content accesses: 1,250,000
Altmetric score: 2,050