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Ophthalmology (Picture Tests).
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    Ophthalmology (Picture Tests). By Jack J Kanski, Ken K Nischal. Pp 166; £9.50. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1997. ISBN 0-443-06037-1.

    This pocket sized book is intended to be a preparation for postgraduate examinations by delivering a series of structured viva voce style questions with photographs. There is a diverse collection of conditions featured. The questions provide a basis for practice for both shorter factual answers and the development of open ended longer essay-like answers. These questions are again supported by excellent clinical photographs, some of which would be, on their own, a little small to see all the detail required from the questions. The answers section expands on the conditions in a logical and concise manner, but does not substitute for reading longer textbooks in the first place. It would seem that the authors appreciate the somewhat false examination conditions created by providing short cases in two dimensional photographs, rather than three dimensional patients, and rightly support their photographs with well judged text questions. The postgraduate examination candidate will appreciate this book for the practice it gives; for allowing expansion on the subjects tested; and for not being another multiple choice examination.